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We study new types of nanoparticles for use in therapeutics, imaging and diagnostics of diseases. Our nanomaterials are based either on bioorganic or inorganic cores and include virus-like particles, fluorescent nanodiamonds and plasmonic systems. We focus on biocompatibilization of nanoparticles, their targeting to cells and on non-invasive, remote control of nanoparticles’ action in cells by external stimuli.
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Extremely rapid isotropic irradiation of nanoparticles with ions generated in situ by a nuclear reaction
Extremely rapid isotropic irradiation of nanoparticles with ions generated in situ by a nuclear reaction
Nature Communications 9: 4467 (2018)
Energetic ions represent an important tool for the creation of controlled structural defects in solid nanomaterials. However, the current preparative irradiation techniques in accelerators show significant limitations in scaling-up, because only very thin layers of nanoparticles can be efficiently and homogeneously irradiated. Here, we show an easily scalable method for rapid irradiation of nanomaterials by light ions formed homogeneously in situ by a nuclear reaction. The target nanoparticles are embedded in B2O3 and placed in a neutron flux. Neutrons captured by 10B generate an isotropic flux of energetic α particles and 7Li+ ions that uniformly irradiates the surrounding nanoparticles. We produced 70 g of fluorescent nanodiamonds in an approximately 30-minute irradiation session, as well as fluorescent silicon carbide nanoparticles. Our method thus increased current preparative yields by a factor of 102–103. We envision that our technique will increase the production of ion…
Supported Lipid Bilayers on Fluorescent Nanodiamonds: A Structurally Defined and Versatile Coating for Bioapplications
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (45): 1803406 (2018)
Proton-Gradient-Driven Oriented Motion of Nanodiamonds Grafted to Graphene by Dynamic Covalent Bonds
ACS Nano 12 (7): 7141-7147 (2018)